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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Just a little this and that

These boys are feeling soo much better than last week! Last week was rough! They both got a nasty virus that had them soo sick for days!

But we are all over it! 

One doctor told us to try Elderberry syrup. So that's our new go to syrup when we catch a cold. 

The boys had sprint day at school. Little K wore Blue Jays and baby M worse pj's 

Baby M is growing up so fast! Second children waste no time huh! 

He learns so fast and copies big bro, he wants to be just like him. 

He runs to the piano as soon as he sees his brother going to practice. We know he will love piano lessons when it's his turn. Little K is doing really well with his lessons as well. Next week he needs to perform a song for us :) can't wait! 

Baby M has the cutest little personality. He's happy and active and strong willed. He knows how to use the word NO perfectly and it always makes us laugh. 

He wants to do everything on his own! 
He is telling us that he wants to potty train. He goes into the washroom, pretends to use the toilet, flushes the toilet, washes his hands and turns off the light. Many times a day! Ha! 

He is the youngest at daycare and he walks in like he owns the place. 

He follows the routine to a teee! 

Walking in, getting his shoes, feeding the fish. His teachers say that he's the naptme leader, pressing the play button to play lullabys for nap time then he runs over to his cot to sleep. 

When I pick him up, he runs soo fast right in my arms with the biggest smile! That always makes my day. Then he runs over to change his shoes and gets his coat. He even places his shoes exactly where they need to be.

Who is this baby! 

They grow up fast! I don't want to forget a thing!!
Love these kiddos soo much.

Yay to the weekend! So much fun planned this weekend. :) 

Have a great weekend friends! 



Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot week!

This week was super hot and humid! 

Finding things to do with a toddler without spending too much time outside at once was hard.

We went to a new playland with a friend. The kids loved it! Watching them climb up stairs and climb over things being brave was so cute to watch. 

I made homemade juice Popsicles which kept us cool too! 

We also went to the splashpad for some fun too. It was fun until a little boy about 6 years old came and starting kicking water in Kristian's face until he cried. ;( horrible. It broke my heart! Kris was so upset. I picked up Kris and tried to calm him down, but he was afraid to go back in. Boo! 

Next week will be cooler and not as hot and humid as this week whew! We love summer and want to enjoy the outdoors! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

While the husband was away...

Last week we received sad news that my husbands 94 year old grandfather passed away in Honduras. We had a nice family dinner last weekend to celebrate his life.  At the dinner my husband, 2 of his brothers and his dad decided to go back to Honduras to visit family during this tough time. So they booked a flight for Wednesday and he's been away for 5 days! 

5 days just me and baby k. 

The first day was good, I spent it with my sister shopping and playing. Then Thursday morning I woke up really dizzy. Dizzy and nauseous (not preggo) I couldn't even lift baby k out of the crib. I panicked a little, ok a lot. I never felt that before. I called my sister and mom and they rushed over. After speaking to telehealth they told me to get to the ER. So we did. My sister watched the kids (ha! She had her hands full, my cousin went over to help and my sister was able to put her little to nap and then put baby k to nap haha super mom!) 

After getting checked out, they said all seemed fine. But the nauseous feeling still lasted a couple days! I'll be seeing my family doctor tomorrow.

So glad for my family to help in a second when needed ;)

The rest of the days consisted of more shopping (sorry DH ha!) and lots of playing outdoors with Kristian. 

Yesterday was my brothers BBQ birthday party. It was nice, but with a toddler you can imagine I was pooped at the end of the night! 

Today is a beautiful day. Water fun and ice cream all day! 

Monday, July 08, 2013

Yes my toddler screams NO!

Ha! Other than my niece, I haven't been around many toddlers so the toddler life is new to us too. I read up a lot on behavior and know that my little toddler is acting exactly how a little toddler should!

But when around others that don't have kids we find ourselves having to explain his behavior. 

Yes my toddler has mood swings, yes he hugged and kissed you once then snubbed you a second later, yes my toddler will not share with you, yes that was my toddler that ate the soil and licked the rocks, yes that was my toddler that went up and down the stairs alone one thousand times to prove he can do it and yes my toddler will scream NO to NOO end! Ha! 

It may drive us crazy too sometimes but I get a kick out of seeing how independent my little guy is learning to be. He is learning about his surroundings and learning that yes those are his toys and you better not touch them. He is learning what he wants in his little life. When he says he wants a avocado you better get him that avocado or he will let you know how upset he is. 

Toddlers are so fun to be around they live in the moment and have so much fun doing simple things like licking rocks haha and jumping in puddles! 

Of course it's also exhausting because they are non stop! This weekend I looked forward to bedtime and naps to get much needed breaks. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Canada day long weekend

Happy Canada Day! 

We spent the weekend at a cottage up north! 

I was concerned a bit going with a toddler but it was fine! He had a blast. The cottage was spacious and I brought lots of toys and the iPad of course. He slept in the play pen just fine. I brought our video monitor too, perfect for us not having to keep checking in him. He was right on schedule with nap and bedtime which was awesome.  Another couple brought their 8 month old daughter too which was great. Especially in the morning when we were the only ones up at 8am with our kids. It was nice company. 

We had a fun Canada Day long weekend enjoying our beautiful country. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Play date fun day

Today was another full day out while the floors are being completed.

First stop a friends house up the street for a breakfast playdate! The boys played and my friend made a huge breakfast!! It was awesome! 

It was raining allllll day! So no park fun for the kids. 

Baby k is 20 months old and I can't keep up with how fast he's changing before my eyes. This week alone he said 5 more new words. I lost count now on how many words he says. He was pretty good with using a fork from months ago but would take a while, now he demands a fork to eat! Ha! 

Once I got home in the evening I was soooo happy to see the awesome new floors! Can't wait to clean up and put the house back in order!