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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

6 month doctor appointment

Today we had our 6 month old doc appointment!

Our doctor was happy to see how strong and happy Kristian is. He has very strong legs. Thanks to his exersaucer. He was happy to see how he sits up as well. Kristian is right on track with development. He weighs 15lbs and 25.5 inches long.

Our doctor said to keep I introducing new foods every 3 days and our goal is that by 8 months he is eating a variety of foods and weaning off breast milk himself. He also said to continue rice cereals twice a day. ( I had stopped this, but I'll continue it)

Today's visit went well! Kristian got one vaccine but is such a strong boy and cried for just a second!

My cutie pie!

Here some pictures of today and stroller fitness class yesterday.

Happy hump day!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Baby's 4 month Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday baby boy had his 4 month vaccines and check up!

He is 13lbs 24 inches long.

Doctor was very happy with baby K's development. Yay!

He is also happy with Kris's eating schedule, even tho I thought maybe it's still too often every 2-4 hours. Doctor said nope, it's fine.

I told him that Kris is not interested in a bottle or a pacifier, but loves to nurse and loves to suck his thumb.

He said to allow Kris to suck his thumb and he encourages it. He said we want to teach baby to self soothe. I never thought anything of it and never stopped him either, it's actually really cute, especially when he nurses and sneaks his thumb in there on the side too. Haha!

Doctor also said that we can start rice cereals. Just a teaspoon a day and move up from there. Once I think Kris is ready I can move on to fruits and veggies. He said I don't need to follow any timeline.

With my own research I decided to wait a couple more weeks before starting in rice cereal. But I'm excited that Kris is on to the next stage soon!

Kris got his needles, cried at the poke but I got him to laugh right after, whoop!

Everyday is amazing, everyday baby boy learns something new and it makes me so happy.

I can't get enough of this mr snuggles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 months old - first vaccines

 I was sooo nervous today for my little guy's first vaccines!

The doctor is very happy with Kristian's weight, he's now 10lbs 13oz! Kristian even gave him smiles as he talked to him. haha. Baby K is right on track with development, cooing and smiling and lifting/holding his head up nice and strong.  Love my little boy!

Then it was needle time eeeek! I was sooo nervous and really had nothing to worry about. Kristian cried when the nurse picked him up and seemed fine with the needles ha! He hates the cold more than anything.

I'm soooo glad I got through his first needle appointment! Next one at 4 months :( I think I'll still be as nervous!

 Everyday is something new with my little boy, I love how he listens to me and focuses on me when I'm talking to him.  He smiles and coos and lets out little laughs! Kristian also loves sucking on his hands these days, he tries to put his whole fist in his mouth and even gets upset that he can't!

Weekend recap:  Over the weekend I shopped a lot! My sisters bridal shower is in 3 weeks so I had to buy an outfit. I also bought baby some clothes too, we still need to find his full outfit for the day too!
Baby slept the whole time while I shopped, which was great! :)