Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ThanksGiving Monday - No dieting this weekend!

Monday is thanksgiving here in Canada Yum! I will say out loud that I am really looking forward to over eating this weekend. How could I not! Sunday we are going to my grandparents for lunch and Monday I'm going to my in laws for a Turkey dinner mmmm. There will be no counting calories this weekend aha!.

During the holidays I always try and do something a little extra for the people out there that do not get to have all the great family dinners like most of us do. I know how it is to be very tight with money but I always had food on the table and a roof over my head and know I am truly blessed. So the other day when I went grocery shopping I bought a little extra to bring over to the food bank. (I wanted to bring it to church on Sunday, but after our girls night, I woke up too late!) So I will head to the grocery store tomorrow to get some more things and drop it all off tomorrow afternoon :)

I have a love hate relationship with fall. I love the changing colors of the leaves and the smell of the air.... But 7 years ago my family spent thanksgiving in the ICU with my daddy in a Coma. I remember friends bringing us turkey while we sat and just waiting and hoping for good news. :(
Since then Fall has never been the same, those memories are always so vivid as if it were yesterday. If you follow my blog you know I mention plenty of times how grateful I am for the amazing family I have. I always remember that during our family holidays, the togetherness we have and the knowing we can get through anything together even if it is extreeeemly painful.

Oh boo sappy ending to my post :( But look at Zoe right beside me. She does not leave my side EVER! Love her!

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  1. wow! i didn't know Canada had such an early Thanksgiving. Weird!! for me, anyways :) i can relate with the holidays being hard- my mom died four years ago, and they will never be the same because there is always the thought, "I wish she was here for this." Eat lots of yummy comfort food and hug your kitty ;)