Friday, October 30, 2009

A gift for me ;)

I got a little netbook! Husband and I went to get me a little gift for starting my new job on Monday. :) We found a great sale at Futureshop and now I can pop my netbook in my purse if I need to ahah! Very excited!

Since I have been off work for a year, my closest shows that "work" attire is needed, I don't think my comfy sweaters and tights or worn out jeans will cut it ahha! So this weekend I will be on the look out for some new key pieces of clothing needed.

It's the Eve of Halloween whoooooo! And we just carved our pumpkins (I am not that skilled ha!)and we are all ready for Halloween tomorrow night! I also baked the pumpkin seeds with a little salt for seasoning.



  1. Love the pumpkin and super jealous of your gift!!!

  2. oh, i love your netbook!! i've been wanting one for awhile. let me know how you like it!!

  3. I do the same thing with my pumpkin seeds! I've also done that with butternut squash. So yummy!

    Good luck with the new job. Report back to us :)

  4. Lucky! I need one of those.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  5. Thank you, I will let you all know how next week goes. :)

    I really like the netbook and very light love that the most.

    Have a Happy Halloween!!!!

  6. Wow, that little computer is so cute! It really fits in your purse? That's handy!