Thursday, October 15, 2009

A cold Thursday!

Burrr is all I can say! Boy is it cold today. I just turned up the heat to 22C my fingers and toes were starting to freeze! Hopefully I did it right, I hear some strange noises from the furnace eee!

I woke up today extremely tired. We came home late last night from watching soccer games. Thanks to the USA soccer team for tying the game with Costa Rica, Honduras (where husbands family is from will now be in the World Cup!) The first time since 1982!! Actually In 1982 I was just 1 year old and Italy had won the world cup, see pic below with my dad and brother and my grandpa in the back round :)

I just came back from grabbing a coffee, a much needed coffee to keep me awake while I prepare for another interview tomorrow. I think I am very close to getting this job...but I'm trying not to think too far in the future because that gives me the jitters so I can only think about today and up to tomorrows interview. :) (painting my nails too for the interview, trying not to show my nervous nail biting evidence) ahah!

Yesterday I was only able to get 5000 on the pedometer, not good. Today I'm going for a jog when husband gets back from work. I got my mittens and hat ready to be warm ahah! It's not even winter yet!

Hope you are having a good Thursday! :)


  1. Best of luck on your interview tomorrow.


  2. Aww, what a cute picture of you and your dad! I wrote about my dad in my post this week. Good luck with the interview.

  3. I like your blog. I´ve also been following you on twitter, where I´m SenorBeep.

    Have a good weekend, and good luck with your interviews!

  4. Such a cute picture of you and your dad!

    Stopping by from SITS...hope the interview went well.