Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

This was last New Years Eve at our old house. We had a Big party and it was soo much fun! I had nooo idea what 2009 would bring...

Here are all the good things 2009 has brought me. ;)

- Despite being laid off, 2009 brought me 10 months of MEE time.
- 10 months of working on our online business and increased sales ;)
- A New found love for Blogging and 74 bloggy Friends!
- A new home in the suburbs!
- 7lbs of weight loss ahahah!
- A new love for hiking and jogging.
- A trip to Connecticut and Punta Cana
- New friends and more time spent with family ;)
- A new job.
- A new view on life and reality, and a Stronger me!
- Another year of Growing Towards A Dream! :)

What did 2009 bring for you!?

I'm ready for 2010 I just know it will be a great year for all of us!


  1. U and me both....2010 here we come:) Happy New Year!

  2. i love this post... what a great year you've had,full of new things!! and next year will be even better!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful and amazing 2010.

  4. Happy New Year to you! Glad you had such a great 2009 and a positive outlook. :-)

  5. What a great year for you, congrats, and a wish for beautiful days forever.
    What kind of online business you have?
    Sorry, just curious ;-)

  6. Thank you for satiating my curiosity, I'm from Varese, near Milan, and live there.

  7. Happy New Year!!!

    Good luck with all your progress, it looks like you are doing so well!