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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The past couple weeks...

The past couple weeks in pics...

Cousin's wedding!! 

Our house SOLD!! 

We celebrated over wine and steak! Ha! Of course! 
Our new home is coming along! 

Enjoying our last summer here in this home! 

And having fun everyday with this little man!! 

Happy Sunday! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Basement play area

We finally made the basement into a play area. 

I love it! 

It has all his toys and we get to spend our time as a family down there playing with little K. 

Today I bought new bean bag seats to be a little more comfy. 
They were on sale and at least 5 people stopped me as I was walking out to see what they were and wanted to buy them too! Ha! 

Now to find more time to workout too. Sigh. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Project Paint RED

I've been getting inspired these days to do a little painting. I love DIY projects but I really haven't done much in years! When I lived at home oh soo many years ago haha I painted my own room a couple of times and even made myself a desk ha! 

When we bought our first home 8 years ago it was a fixer upper and I was right in the middle of all the work! Sanding, taking down walls, painting. And helped paint our current home too! Ok the husband did most of it but I helped! 

So painting some furniture... I can do! Well let's see. I picked out some pieces I have around to get started. I have soo many ideas! 

Picking a color was tough. At first I was going to go with grey, it's safe. But then I thought, I need a little RED in my life ha! 

So my ideas are: 

Getting some RED going on in our home by painting a black vase red! 

Painting a black chair red to use as a flower pot in the front yard. Pinterest inspired. 

Painting a wood stand red and adding chalk board paint to the top. Fun! 

And I want to paint half of baby k's little table with chalkboard paint too! 

Eee! First step I'll need to buy the tools and prep! 

If this all goes well.... Well, I have soo many more things in the house I want to paint and change up haha! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extra space for baby

Baby K is just all over the place these days so yesterday we moved the ottoman out of the way for him to have more space and throw around his toys ha! I also got 2 storage ottomans for his toys.

I still love using the playpen especially when I need to cook. He still loves to play in it so I'll keep it around for a little while more.

In 4 days my little boy will be 1 ! 1 !!!!!!

Today was a beautiful day and we had to stop by city hall for a bit this afternoon. It's a beautiful warm fall day which so we took advantage staying out this afternoon before nap time!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy weekend! Lots of pics!

I had a veryyyyy busy weekend! Let me start with a big FAIL in my calories this weekend. I didn't count calories at all and didn't make the best choices. I didn't even get to grocery shop. So I'll do that tomorrow!

We started some reno's in the house... I was expecting a mess....but not the HUGE mess that I got! The husband scraped off the stucco ceilings on our first floor and sanded it down too! It created sooo much dust! The whole house was covered in white dust! I mean the whole house! Inside cupboards and closets and bedrooms EVERYWHERE!

Reno's are still not done so I have all these holes in my ceilings waiting for the pot-lights to be installed next weekend. So we'll be living in chaos for a week.

Even though all this mess was going on I managed to still have fun :)
Some of us girls got together Saturday night for dinner. We went down to a Lakeshore restaurant. We chatted and ate delicious food! I had a huge plate of pasta and parmigiana chicken! It's always so nice to catch up with the girls.... over food ahahh!
I also fit in some time to see my sweet nieces Saturday afternoon.
Baby M is sooo strong! She's 5 months today and she rolls over and over it's so cute!
And today was my bff's baby shower!!! She is due in a month!
Look how cute she looks!!
It was so fun, the shower was beautiful and I even won a gift! How cool is this tea mug!!! I love mugs!!!

I'm exhausted! We tried cleaning as much as we could but everything is still dusty :(

I think I may push the other reno's out. I'm a little traumatized by the mess Ha!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Oh!! and I almost forgot some awesome news! I was chosen for the #3 spot on Simply Stacie's Follow Friday! Check it out! This totally made my weekend! Thank you all so much for following my blog!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday with family

Today we had family over for a Fall BBQ. The weather here this weekend was just beautiful!
I just love the space in my dining room, for the room I had issues with decorating I've been understanding more and more it's purpose. It is perfect for our big family get togethers!

Lots of food and lots of dessert!

My husbands cousins came as well and I got a little taste of how it would be with kids in the house.... Chasing a 2 year old up and down my stairs for hours, not fun Ha! Stair gates will be needed when we have kids. Poor Zoe was also being chased and smothered, but she was a good sport about it. And I realized that I need to get my dining room chairs upholstered to leather and not just because of Zoe but with kids it will be much easier to clean. I also have a new appreciation for my back yard. It is a perfect space for kids to run around in :)

Now it's time to clean up! I'm exhausted! .... and so is Zoe.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you

Thank you sooo much for all the sweet and comforting comments. I am so grateful for everyone in my life and so happy that I have my blog to express myself. :)

Yesterday I had to clear my head so my sister came over and we went to Homesense. Word art always makes me feel better. I picked up these in the clearance section. (I'm actually running out of space in my house but I love word art!.)

Then I was looking for a plaque with the Serenity prayer but couldn't find one. But one of my cousins was at the mall today and found me this. Made my day! :)
Looking forward to a calm weekend home.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend relaxation!

Zoe and I cleaned the house today ahah! She chases me around when I sweep or swifter and gets extra hyper when I go in to the dining room or basement (she's territorial ahah!)

It's a beautiful day. I ran some errands and just relaxed outside getting fresh air!

We are still pretty new to our area and we are always looking for new places to eat and check out. Yesterday we found a Italian Sandwich place right by our house! I had a chicken sandwich with veggies. It was HUGE! Husband had to finish it off for me ahhah!

I'm sure you all know what next week is! World CUP! My husband is a HUGE soccer fan! I just tag along for the fun ahah! The teams we are going for....
He would also like me to mention he is also going for Brazil LOL.

What team/teams are you routing for!?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Fun

The Winter Olympics! Friday night we stayed in to watch the opening ceremony and I am so glad I did. I thought it was amazing. (I took some pics of the TV, my sister asked me where I was ahaha wished I was there!
AND Canada won the first GOLD for Canada on our own soil! Mogulist Alexandre Bilodeau Won Gold today. Exciting!!!

This weekend is a Vday weekend and we have a holiday Monday for family day, so it's a perfect long weekend :)

My husband bought me a new camera and also gave me the gift of painting our powder room and bedroom. He is the best! and totally won a bunch of brownie points this weekend ahahaa!
Had to throw in a random pic ;)

Here are some pics of the new paint colors.

Powder room, before color was a Orange peachy color and now...
Our bedroom was a light beige color and now...

I bought this art for 10.00 in the clearance section. It says "Courage". I love art with words.

By the time we cleaned up we ended up going out for a late dinner and were too tired to drive across the city to our planned lobster dinner so we just went down the street for Sushi. Sushi is always good :) I'm sooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow :) yippy to no work Monday!

Before I go I also want to thank a sweet blogger friend Swapna over at Petals for giving me an award today :) I will post about it tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!!