Monday, February 07, 2011

Reno's completed!

So our first reno's of the year are done!

We installed pot lights. Here are some before and after pics. I'll take better ones once the house is actually cleaned from all the dust!

Before Living Room
After Living Room (and hanging kitchen pendants on island)
Before Dining Room
After Dining Room

My husband also painted our spare bathroom and master bathroom. Thanks hunny!

Tonight I went grocery shopping and bought lots of fruits and veggies! Last week I was sick with a bad tummy ache and even swollen glands! But I'm all better and my ultrasound ruled our gallbladder stones!! Whew! So I know what that means for me. Take care of my insides!

This week I'm planning veggie filled salads for lunch, fruits and veggies for snacks and lots of home cooked meals!

Happy Monday!


  1. i love all your new lights, we have pot lights in our tv room but i would love to put some in our living room too!
    all your fruits and veggies look great, you're all set for a great week! glad you're feeling better!

  2. The new lights look FANTASTIC! It must feel so great to get that done YAY!

    Also glad you are feeling better :)

  3. Love the new lights, especially the pendant lights over your breakfast bar, and the chandalier in the dining room, super glittery excellent choices pila!

  4. loving the before and afters!!!


  5. Reno's just warm the heart don't they?!
    You guys did a fantastic job.