Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Wok! and more.

Day 1 of the week for at home cooking!
I bought this new wok and made my favorite meal Coconut Red Thai Curry Shrimp!
I loaded the broccoli in there, along with red peppers and mushrooms. Dinner was delicious! and I didn't snack at all tonight :) I made good choices all day!

I really love the purchases I made over the weekend. My favorite pieces include this gray blazer. I have a black one already and I would love to find a red one! These blazers are great for both work and pleasure. At work with a pair of dress pants and pleasure with tights or jeans!

I bought this shirt too that can be worn underneath the blazer or I can even wear a long sleeve tight black shirt under it and that would look great too.
Aldo had these booties/shoes for 50% off. $40.00! Although when I brought them home I felt like it was soo wrong to add to my other 6 pairs of black boots!/booties. I think it's time for some color!! I like the heal on these, it's a little thicker. Where I walk to work my stilettos always get caught in the interlocking, and I've been ruining alll my heals! grr!
This week we are completing our reno's and hopefully will not be doing anything else until summer. Reno's are a lot of work! A lot of cleaning! I'll have pics of what we did and the end of the week!

Are you doing any reno's? I think you know how I feel :)


  1. Your food looks delicious and your purchases are awesome. Looks like your week is starting off well!

  2. Oh, coconut red Thai curry shrimp sounds so good! I'm going to have to go find the recipe.
    Your purchases are super cute too. :-)