Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My New Healthy Items

Over the weekend I went to the apple farm to buy their delicious fresh apple pies. While I was there I bought their homemade apple raspberry jam! It tastes great! So far I found a BF that I love and has been working so far! 1 piece of multi grain toast with all natural peanut butter and jam sprinkled with chia seeds! (chia seeds are very high in fibre and omega 3's) I add them to my salads too.

Over a year ago on a trip to the Dominican Republic I bought a couple bottles of coconut oil to cook with and use on my body. Those bottle were over with months ago. On twitter I follow @joyoushealth and she is always talking about the health benefits of Coconut Oil. So I bought Coconut butter and oil! I can't wait to cook with it, and lather my skin with it! :)
It smells sooooooooooooooooooo good!

Have you bought some new healthy products lately???


  1. i want to find a local apple farm around here, sounds like so much fun to visit!!
    i've never used coconut oil before, what kind of things will you cook with it? let me know how it works. sounds like it would be great for your skin!
    hey tania, thanks for all your comments on my daily blogs lately. really appreciate your support, you're awesome!! i think you should get a "Nicest Blogger Award" if there was such a thing. thank you!!! ;)

  2. I haven't bought anything healthy lately. Your breakfast puts mine to shame. I usually have coffee, oatmeal and yogurt. This morning I had coffee, an Oscar Meyer hotdog (directly from the fridge) and some string cheese.