Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Before And After Pics

Before Kitchen
Before Living room

Before Dining Room

After Kitchen!

After Dining Room

After Living Room!!
Finally! I love how different the house looks by just adding pot lights and crown molding. My husband had to re-paint all the walls because of the dust that messed up the walls. It was alot of work! They had to scrape the ceilings from the stucco it had and boy did that make the biggest mess ever! Our project took a while to complete but I'm glad we did it!
I feel like a maid! I've cleaned so much and still have to get into the glass cases to clean em all up and still need to put some decor back in the dining room.
I have more cleaning scheduled for my evening....
I should get cleaning...


  1. Love what you did! It's a nice feeling when you've accomplished something like that. :-)

  2. Looks great! Renovations are such a pain, but definitely worth the work. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  3. it looks so good tanya!! wow, the lights and crown molding really did make a huge difference, it almost looks like a different house. i love it!