Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smoothie Time!

 It's smooothie time! The weather is warm and staying cool with a fruit smoothie is best!

So Yesterday I made a smoothie and this morning I also made one for breakfast. 
I added mixed frozen fruits (strawberries/melon/peaches) along with blueberries and a banana oh and frozen broccoli and milk (nice mixture huh ha!) . 
Healthy smoothie for me and baby! We will have one every morning for breakfast along with our must have bagel or toast.
 Do you make smoothies?

Tonight is a work night for me, but so far Zoe and I read blogs most the evening and sat on the porch for a bit stalking adorable families at the park haha!

I need to get some work done!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love smoothies but I never think to make them because I'm feeding the kids first. LOL I might try that tomorrow

  2. Smoothies look great!