Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful Day Off

Today my sister and I had the day off and had our whole day planned. We went to check out a hall in our area for my baby shower in the fall. It was a funny situation... We got the key to go see it, but when we arrived the hall was occupied by men doing some sort of martial arts stuff, so it was weird, we got to see a bit but didn't stay long, they asked if we wanted to join them, they were joking hahaha.... kinda freaky tho ha!
We also went to try on bridesmaids dresses before my belly gets bigger. We saw a few we liked but still the we are undecided. We have lots of time to decide so the other girls will have to be the next to try some on. My belly will be growing for the next 5 months.

A perfect day must include a delicious sushi lunch  :)Yum!

I also had a OB appointment and I told my doctor about my headaches.  She asked how I was sleeping and I told her I toss and turn a lot and cannot sleep on my left side.... she told me there is no right way to sleep.  Whatever way I'm comfortable is the way. So if it's on my back I can sleep that way no problem.  She said sleep and relaxation is very important...She also said I looked very exhausted and tired... lovely.

The best part was listening to the heart beat :)
For that I bought the baby a gift. 

 I bought me a gift too, for my back pain, it comes and goes but this ball will be my new friend haha!
How were your symptoms when pregnant? Were you/Are you exhausted and tired?

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