Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is the baby a picky eater?

 I'm in the second trimester and although I read that it should get easier I find that I can't tell what my body wants. Every meal is a challenge! Yesterday I had a yummy lunch and I was good with it, but at dinner I could not decide. Everything I thought of I didn't want... So I ended up only eating 2 pieces of these...
 I've been reading this book The 100 Healthiest Foods... And it's helped a lot.  However I have changed soo much! I was never a picky eater, I would eat anything that taste good and I always loved sweets... But now it seems I'm the opposite. I can neverrr decide on what I want to eat, so many things I use to eat before I don't like anymore like peanut butter and jam and I eat much less sweets now than I did before I was pregnant haha! Does this mean my little one will be a picky eater ha!  I hope not!
Foods for second trimester that I love... Avocado, carrots, chickpeas, and Romaine Lettuce. The list is longer but those are all I can stomach these days. This week I'm over the strawberries I use to love last week.

It is a pretty interesting journey and it's so funny how everyday is so different. The one thing I'm learning, or trying to learn, is listening to my body... Hi body and baby WTH do you want to eat!?


  1. that's so weird, i always thought that women get more food cravings when they're pregnant. seems like you're the opposite! at least everything you're finding yourself able to eat is healthy! :)

  2. I remember that phase well! It drove my husband crazy because one week I'd want nothing but spaghetti and then the next week I hated the stuff. Your body is just telling you what it needs to nourish the baby. Sugar...bad. Chick peas...Good!

  3. I would crave different foods different days! It was never consistent or healthy:)