Monday, May 30, 2011

17 weeks!

(17 weeks 1 day pic)
This week!
How Far Along: 17 weeks 3 days!
Size of baby: Sweet Potato!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: haven't weighed myself this week ...(But funny story below)
Sleep: Better! whoohoo. Except for last night (see below)
Symptoms: Rosy cheeks. However I just have it in the morning and by the afternoon my skin is back to it's pale self. ahah!
Cravings: Appetite is back! and I haven't had too many food aversions. I'm loving cold things like ice caps and smoothies! The last couple months I couldn't finish a whole dish, and yesterday I ate my whole dinner yum!

Some new items:

My mom went to Montreal last weekend and she bought this for the baby. How cute... and yes I do love poutine mmmmm! (french fries topped with cheese and smothered in gravy... so not healthy but delicious!)

Last night I had a sleepless night... because many of my symptoms are going away now (I know second trimester things are better) But I guess it made me worry. I had bad dreams and woke up crying and sooo worried I didn't sleep at all! (Hormones? I guess so ha!)

So I took the day off to visit my doctor. My OB wasn't in so I went to my family doctor. For those of you that read my blog you know my doctor is 80 years old and very old school and very direct.

We heard the heart beat.. well she did, I couldn't really tell, but she said it was there and not to worry.

She then told me to swim everyday (hmm ok, like I don't have a job or a life lol) If I had my own pool then I would haha! She also said to watch my weight especially since my weight was high for me pre-preg. She said at my weight now I can starve and the baby will be fine.... UMMMM ok! SO I will faint all over. I'll take a grain of truth and be more aware of what I eat and go for more walks, but in this area I will follow what my OB says and so far my OB is not concerned at all. I've read enough pregnancy books and I also read the research done on fetus's that were deprived of food come out expecting no food will be available, and the truth is, there is food. These babies are then more likely to grow up obese because of this. Of course the same goes for moms that eat a lot of sugar. I don't go crazy following everything I read, because it will make me crazy. But geez, there's a balance lady!

Lucky I have a good sense of humor and not an obsessive person, so these things just roll right off me.

So that was my fun morning haha! I then spent an hour at Toys R Us looking at car seats and baby products. I also napped all afternoon. It was nice.

Hope you all had a good Monday.


  1. Ha....I'm with you, just use common sense!!!!! And yes, hormones will do you in, at least best as I can remember. I was pregnant many moons ago! You look great!

  2. yes don't worry too much...every single person you encounter during your pregnancy will have an opinion! ha! ;)
    just be balanced and enjoy this wonderful time in your life- when your baby is safe in your belly and not running all over the place like my sweetie pie!!