Thursday, October 20, 2011

38 weeks pregnant

This week!
How Far Along: 38 weeks!
Size of baby: 6.8 pounds (as per iphone app)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gain 38lbs
Maternity Clothes: Maternity tights have been my favorite!
Cravings: chocolate anything thanks ;)
Symptoms: joint pain, pressure as baby's head gets in position, back pain, fatigue, emotional, over thinking things. Feeling a little bit nervous about being a mom. Nervous about the things in life I can't control....
What I'm looking forward to? meeting my little boy for the first time.

The OB keeps saying that the baby will be early... let's just wait and see. Many
friends and family members are betting on this weekend... watch this little
one take us by surprise and arrive late ha!

I do feel my body changing,  like its preparing... but no real contractions yet
but then again I don't know what that feels like... I'm assuming
I will know when it happens because it with equal "pain" right?


I choose to get the epidural for delivery...

Now I know to be prepared for anything and everything that
can possibly happen during delivery. I've heard enough stories ha!

Mama's any delivery advice for this first time mom?


  1. so so close!!! I don't have any advice except that do what you feel is right. They will tell you how to push and what to do but if that doesn't feel right try it your own way! And if you do decided to breast feed just remember it is NEVER easy at first and it takes work! If you really want it you can do it!! YAY!!

  2. You will know when it comes!! don't worry!! you have no idea how much i miss the pregnancy lol! my advice is to take tons of pics, u will feel so nice when you review them after delivery!

  3. Actually, don't assume that you'll know you are having contractions because they are painful. When I had my first I was already at 4 cm when we got to the hospital and I hadn't felt a single painful contraction. I didn't start feeling them until between 7 and 8 cm. I think I had technically been in labor all day before my water broke and didn't realize it. My son was 4 weeks early though so I wasn't really expecting it.

    Good luck with everything! My best advice is to not feel like you have to have a plan and stick with it. My labor was not at all what I had expected and if I had had a rigid plan I would have been totally disappointed. Try to be flexible with your attitude. That's something I have to work on as well but it can serve you well in the end.

  4. How exciting! You're going to be a great momma!!

  5. Found you through Emily's blog. Good luck with your delivery! I'm due Nov. 5th. I'm right with you on the nerves...except I'm to the point now where I'm just so ready for her to be here, that I'm starting to get past the nervousness.

  6. I can't believe we're getting so close... ahh!

    I also want to know where you're hiding those 38 pounds- you still look great! :)

  7. It's almost baby time!! You will be an amazing mom! My co workers wife was due Saturday with their first, nothing yet!

  8. Thinking of you! Wishing you a very safe delivery! You will be an awesome mom! :)

  9. loving those belly shots. Funny story, 38wks was my AJ's exit day and it was Oct.19th. I know you are past this now but I thought it was cute! Excellent progress.