Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend, OB appt and Belly pics!

 We had AMAZING weather this weekend! All weekend it felt like summer! Saturday afternoon the Nursery furniture arrived! It was so exciting and exhausting putting it all together. It's almost done, so I will blog about it soon! Sunday we had a party for my grandmothers 80th birthday! It was a thanksgiving/bday party. My grandmother was so happy with all her gifts and loved having the whole family over to share her special birthday. We all love her sooo much!

Yesterday we went to the inlaws for Thanksgiving Dinner. The weather was soo nice, and for the first time we actually had Thanksgiving dinner outside on the patio! Awesome weather! The Turkey was delicious, and we all ate soo much!

This morning I had an OB appointment. Now I will be seeing her weekly. This week I'll be 37 weeks, eek!
Doctor felt my tummy and asked if I feel a lot of pressure since the baby's head is really low and in position... I said YES! All weekend I felt a pinching feeling along with pressure and could hardly stand. She said the baby is a average size, not too small but not big either, so next week we will to an ultrasound to get more of an accurate size of the baby. I'm thinking he will be 7lbs like I was.

OB thinks little one will come earlier than his due date Nov 4. So the count down is on! Friends and Family all have their guesses in! ahah!

She also stated that fetal movement is most important these coming weeks. If I do not feel at least 6 movements in a day, I'll need to go to the hospital ASAP! She also did the bacteria swap test (GBS) today. (Hope I'm clear!)

This week we will be taking a tour of the Maternity ward at our hospital :) Fun!


  1. arhhh baby might come earlier!! can't wait!!

  2. glad you had a good weekend. wow, the baby's almost here...so exciting! i love the belly pics, you look great. :)