Thursday, October 27, 2011

39 Weeks Pregnant - Membrane Sweep

 39 weeks!

 We are on week 39! My OB was telling me for a while now that my little one would be early. Which was really exciting for me.. however at 39 weeks, it's not really "early" anymore.

At yesterdays appointment my OB did a Membrane Sweep (where she does an internal exam and opens the cervix just a bit and does a sweeping motion).  This is to help speed things along. She said she will do it again next week if baby has not arrived yet.

She suggested some things that speed up labor... like Castor oil and eating a big salad, lots of greens. None of which I want to eat.

So the waiting continues. I'm just praying for a healthy labor and delivery and a healthy little boy. He will come when he is ready. :)

For now I'll be doing a lot of this...


 And this... ha!


  1. So close! Enjoy the last days of being pregnant :)

  2. I bet that you are super excited now. Just take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. sleep more! soon you will join my 'sleepless night club"

  4. yay, almost there tanya! you look great, you must be beyond excited!

  5. Being pregnant is a sweet memory in our life. So take care of yourself. And be responsible, hereafter you will get so many responsibilities.