Monday, October 03, 2011

In my Ninth Month of Pregnancy!

I'm officially in my last month. The ninth month. 
I'm excited and so happy to meet my little baby that's been growing inside me. 
I get a overwhelming feeling that makes me hold my breath and makes my heart beat 
faster when I think of what he will look like and the thought of holding his soft 
little hands makes my heart melt.
Friends and family are betting on his due date. And all are in the end of October. 
We'll see!
This weekend we put together some items for him. :)   
Bouncer we can travel with

The Swing!

The Playpen!
My friend that had her baby last week wrote a really cute post with so many
amazing photos.  Check out her blog! 


  1. Totally understand the feeling!!! now I have my baby boy here, I just want to bite him all the time! lol! can't wait to meet baby K!!!!

  2. wow your ninth month! did it seem to go by fast or slow? i'm so excited for you!