Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making baby food while baby sleeps ;)

Baby and I slept in today so we started our day pretty late.

We went out grocery shopping this afternoon. We bought fresh pears and apricots for baby food purée!

Baby K has been constipated a couple days because of the rice cereal. I switched to oat cereal for now. I read dried apricots help with that as well, however I couldn't find organic dried apricots. The ones I did find said they had traces of nuts which I was not going to risk. So I bought fresh ones to try out. A friend of mine suggests prune baby food, I'll get that next time I'm out.

Ahh Mom life ;)

Little one has been sleeping for an hour and I'm getting a lot done! But he just woke up as I'm writing this ha!

We also will be switching out of the infant car seat soon too! This little guy is getting heavy to carry!

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