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Friday, June 01, 2012

Show us your living Room blog post

Today on it's show us your living room!

My living room and kitchen are open concept. Something we love about our home.

I'm usually sitting at our kitchen island watching tv, feeding the baby or on the laptop.

We only have a few of the baby's items out. His exersaucer, playpen and rocking chair, it's all that he uses these days. 

When the baby is playing and I'm watching tv sitting on the sofa so we can chat together ha!

I don't have much on the walls or counters. I never liked having too much in a room. I could use a little more tho now looking at the pics it looks a little empty ha!

We love our big windows looking out into the backyard.

We have so many windows and it's rare that we have the lights on at all during the day.

So this is my living room!I can't wait to check out others and get some decorative ideas too!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Vacation Resorts con't

From yesterday's post Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacations Many of you asked where I stayed when I went on vacation and how I liked the resorts. The ones you all were interested in were Punta Cana and Jamaica :)

The first time I went to Punta Cana was on my honeymoon.  We stayed there for 2 weeks. We stayed at Majestic Colonial. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The resort, the rooms, the food, the pool, the beach, the entertainment, the service, the excursions ALL AMAZING! If you are planning a trip next, choose Majestic!
Because we were there for 2 weeks we did a lot of excursions. Not sure if I remember them all haha!
The Catamaran trip was amazing. We went to Santo Domingo too which was fun.  We also went on a ATV tour (4 wheeler thingy) which was fun too.

In 2009 we went to Punta Cana again and stayed at the Gran Bahia, another amazing resort.  However in Punta Cana I loved Majestic better, but both were still really good. On this trip we did the Funny Monster Safari which  I totally recommend! The scenery is amazing and the beach they take you to is breath taking!

You can read about the Gran Bahia trip below, part 1 and 2.  Sorry I didn't have my blog in 2007 when I went on my Honeymoon, I think I started this blog in 2008!
- Gran Bahia Principe
Part 1 
Part 2

In Jamaica we stayed at a Gran Bahia resort as well, in Runaway Bay.We loved our Jamaica trip.   The excursions were so fun, the resort was beautiful, food was amazing, staff is so friendly. We can't wait to go to Jamaica again. We went on the Dunns River Tour and The Bob Marley tour.
You can read more about our Jamaica trip below:
Jamaica - Gran Bahia
Part 1 read here 
Part 2 read here

Hope this helps you plan your next trip! I know I want to now! Ha!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Guest Rooms

Today is Show us your life Guest rooms!

This is our main Guest Room. It's so cozy! My sister and friends love staying over in this room. They say the bed is so comfy and they like that I leave positive books on their night stand ahah!
This room gets soo much sunlight too.

Our upstairs is carpeted and personally I love it. I love walking around up there barefoot, carpet feels so nice. But the husband has hardwood floors in mind so that's on our reno list of to - do's.

Here is our next guest room that will be transformed to baby #1's room when it's time.

We are actually giving that couch away to my husbands cousin that just moved here and they have no furniture so they are really happy that we are giving them the couch :)

We are also giving my mom the futon, she wants it for her guest room for her grandkids. So that room is being emptied out sooner than later!
see my trampoline :) I still use that once in a while aahah!
This is my memory stand. I have some pics and favorite movies and items that have personal meaning. :)

So I have plenty of room... So come on over! :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Dining Rooms

Today is Show us where you live Friday! Dining Rooms!

It's been a while since I joined in on this and decided to jump back in the fun!

Here is my dining room! When we first moved in I wondered why they made this room so long. It was hard for me to think of how to decorate it. BUT I get it now! Lots of room to fit guests! A couple weekends ago when I had my jewelry sale, the space was used so well!

Another great thing I love about this dining room is that it faces the park. Our previous house faced a park as well. I love nature and wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully in years to come our next houses also are in front of parks!

Zoe's chair to look outside! Ha!

And this is my dining room :)

Happy Friday!!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

show us your life-wedding-receptions

Friday is here! And the fun posts of show us your life continues. I love sharing my life with my new blogger friends and love reading about your life even more!

So today on Kelly's Korner it's show-us-your-life-wedding-receptions.

As I mentioned last Friday, I love white weddings! So that is why I had all my decor in white! I remember when I walked into the hall and saw my cake. I absolutely loved it!! I found a lady that makes cakes from home and I emailed her a pic from the net, and she made it exact!

This was our first dance, boy was it long. We played the full version on Michael Bubble "You and I". Together husband and I weathered so many storms at such young ages so we had a strong connection to the songs meaning.

Our reception was so much fun, everyone had a great time! Young, old, we all partied! I had first thought that there may be some cultural clashes as my family is Italian and Husbands is Hispanic, but to my surprise, everyone got along so fine! Guests that never met each other were even dancing with each other! It was a happy fun day, my happiest day yet:)

Our Honeymoon was 2 weeks in Punta Cana DR. At the Majestic. I 100% recommend this resort to all! Amazing resort, gorgeous! and the food sooo delicious! I think this is where my weight gain began haha! They had fresh Churros every morning! Who could resist!
Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to read your blogs :)

(Tonight I'm going to watch Julie & Julia movie, very excited to see this movie!)