Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back from vacation! 6 days in Jamaica!

I didn't talk about going on vacation because I actually didn't even know we were going to go on one! 2 weeks ago my husband called me from work and said he is getting time off work and to book a trip ASAP! So I booked, planned and packed a vacation in 3 days and we were off to Ocho Rios Jamaica! Talk about a rush!

Baby K didn't even have any summer clothes that fit! I had to run out and buy him a summer wardrobe and swim gear. Not a problem at all tho shopping for my cutie haha.

I was a little worried about going on vacation so close to my sisters due date too! But it all worked out and she's still pregnant! Haha we want baby E to hurry and and come now! ;)

Baby K is a great little traveler! Of course being a toddler he had his moments but overall he was great the whole trip! He loved being in a different setting. On the beach and sand under the sun, he loved it. He learned so much the past week, his vocabulary expanded, he mastered using the ipad for apps he loves, motor skills like using the fork himself more often to eat and balancing while he makes a run for it. He came back a different little baby.

I will blog more about our trip during the week! Like my must haves while traveling with a toddler.


  1. this short trip sounds amazing. i am glad baby k enjoyed it :)

  2. a last minute trip to Jamaica sounds like a dream!! looks like you guys had fun!!

  3. How exciting! Hope it warmer now by you than it is in NYC. Spring seems to have gone awol! :)