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Monday, March 25, 2013

My must haves when traveling with baby

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had 3 days to plan a vacation. I didn't have just myself to think about, packing for baby k is a big job!

Thinking of what to bring for baby k I categorized them by,

Clothes/personal items

I then went through what I thought a day would be like and made sure I had all parts of the day covered. Meals, clothing day and night, swim gear etc ;)

I over packed on the meds part haha I just think of different scenarios and pack it all. Baby Tylenol, benedryl, Camilla, polysporin, bandaids, spectra for kids, desitin for diaper rash. Aveeno baby sunblock.

Luckily I didn't need to use any! Well other than the sunblock which he had lathered on him many times throughout the day. Along with a sun hat.

I packed the Tylenol in my carry on just in case.

Diapers check, wipes check oh and hand and face wipes that I carried in my purse a must have all day everyday to keep the germs away.

I knew the travel time was going to be long so I had to make sure I packed his sippy cup and snacks, diaper and wipes in my carry on. (Like any regular day ha)

Snacks like gold fish, cereal bars and puffs and even the baby purée pkg, I was surprised that he had a few and liked them. Made me feel better that he wasn't going hungry while in the plane and bus. Especially when we were going, everything was delayed and the trip was longer than expected.

When it came to toys, I wasn't going to pack all his favorite toys.. We were over in our baggage weight to begin with ha!

Beach toys were a must... A few other toys that were light and easy to bring. On pthe plane, our phones and iPad was what really kept him entertained the whole trip, that and looking out the window he loved that.

Baby K was a great traveler, and even though the travel day was long, going and coming thankfully it all went smooth!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back from vacation! 6 days in Jamaica!

I didn't talk about going on vacation because I actually didn't even know we were going to go on one! 2 weeks ago my husband called me from work and said he is getting time off work and to book a trip ASAP! So I booked, planned and packed a vacation in 3 days and we were off to Ocho Rios Jamaica! Talk about a rush!

Baby K didn't even have any summer clothes that fit! I had to run out and buy him a summer wardrobe and swim gear. Not a problem at all tho shopping for my cutie haha.

I was a little worried about going on vacation so close to my sisters due date too! But it all worked out and she's still pregnant! Haha we want baby E to hurry and and come now! ;)

Baby K is a great little traveler! Of course being a toddler he had his moments but overall he was great the whole trip! He loved being in a different setting. On the beach and sand under the sun, he loved it. He learned so much the past week, his vocabulary expanded, he mastered using the ipad for apps he loves, motor skills like using the fork himself more often to eat and balancing while he makes a run for it. He came back a different little baby.

I will blog more about our trip during the week! Like my must haves while traveling with a toddler.

Friday, March 15, 2013

My boy is growing up fast!

Whenever baby K does something new it's soo amazing to me. He's growing up soo fast!

He has the biggest smile and laugh and loves being around everyone!

Yesterday we had a playdate with my little niece. They are too sweet together. They played for hours and had soo much fun! As soon as she walked in he was bringing her to his toys especially his dancing Mickey Mouse his favorite toy!

We've been doing a lot of running around these days and he points out things that are familiar. We walked by shoes today and right away he pointed and said shoes! While lifting his foot up ha! Anytime he sees a apple whether on TV, in a book or at the grocery store he will yell Aaaaaapple! Ahh I can't take this cuteness! P He is learning more and more word and he's repeating a lot these days so we need to be careful what we say around him ;)

Baby K also knows how to work the iPhone to put music on to dance to, watch videos in my camera roll, slide thru and take pics too ha! Oh and he will open my phone and respond to a text haha. While out to dinner tonight my iPhone was his entertainment and I found so many pics he took while there, one pic below of his face.

Tonight baby k and I went for wings with my sister. She's 38 week preggo and waddling around ;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

These cute performers and the weekend

How cute is my niece and baby K singing and dancing. Ha! I can't get enough of these two together!

My sister is due soon and she's having a girl. That gives me 3 nieces! Lots of pink and bows haha!

A little late but a weekend recap with pics below :)

Daylight saving time has our schedule out of whack. Everything is later. Sleeping in, later naps and later bedtime. I'm not sure how to move it all back up an hour. Hmm!

Over the weekend we did a lot of running around visiting family. My BIL got a little kitten which is soooooooo adorable!!! Baby K wanted to squeeze it ha!

I also spent a couple hours at the hospital with my aunt while DH babysat. she's doing better everyday and we are praying for her everyday! Hope she can get out and home soon!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

16 months old

Oh baby K you are 16 months old! You are such a sweet little boy and totally crack me up! You love to be silly and you are very affectionate, always kissing and hugging us. Unless we say no, you will get upset and hit us :/

Everyday you do something new. It's always amazing to me because you pay close attention and copy the things we do without us even knowing! You learned another word last week. We call the pacifier a chucho and you call it tutto. You say about 10 words and lots of babbles that mean something to you! Haha

You have 9 teeth, 7 front teeth and 2 molars and another front tooth on its way!

You still love to eat and you turn and look and point at the sink where I prepare food if you want more. Usually looking for a fruit after dinner or your baby crunchies. You are using a fork more often now but using your hands is much faster.

You are in between sizes right now. Some 12-18 fitting snug and 18-24 way too big.

You love your stride rite shoes and I already have my eye on spring summer ones for you haha!

Your sleep is still great too. Taking 2 naps 1.5-2 hours each and 10- 12 hours a night. Depending if we are home or out late. You only wake for water if I have you in bed early, you will wake before 12am for a sip then sleep straight till 8 or 9am.

You still love to play with my hair. It comforts you.

You love Zoe and get braver and braver with playing with her haha. You are a dancer like your daddy haha you dance as soon as you hear music and love it. You love when I read to you and you always bring me books and point at it so I can read ;)

Today we played in the snow and had soo much fun!