Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A little Spring Cleaning

I've been a little MIA lately. Just a lot going on these days. I have a lot if things I wanted to blog about but just haven't had the motivation to do it!

Little K is teething and the past 2 days he has been irritable during the day. Today he seems a lot better, fingers crossed! I give Camilla teething drops when he is fussy. And Tylenol as well. Teething is no fun!

I've been starting to do a little spring cleaning too. My spring list of wants is pretty long! Eek! Sunglasses, shoes, spring clothes, purses, house items, backyard items and baby backyard toys too haha

I'm also starting a new workout schedule and hope to shed these unwanted pounds!

Cleaning out the house and cleaning out the body! My march spring cleaning.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?
What's on your list of wants for spring?

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  1. The spring cleaning has started and there's lots of things I want for spring... Hubs and I have changed our way to eating and the weight is coming off. I'll be ready to go clothes shopping for sure. Sounds like all the way around, we have the same wants for spring!