Monday, March 25, 2013

My must haves when traveling with baby

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had 3 days to plan a vacation. I didn't have just myself to think about, packing for baby k is a big job!

Thinking of what to bring for baby k I categorized them by,

Clothes/personal items

I then went through what I thought a day would be like and made sure I had all parts of the day covered. Meals, clothing day and night, swim gear etc ;)

I over packed on the meds part haha I just think of different scenarios and pack it all. Baby Tylenol, benedryl, Camilla, polysporin, bandaids, spectra for kids, desitin for diaper rash. Aveeno baby sunblock.

Luckily I didn't need to use any! Well other than the sunblock which he had lathered on him many times throughout the day. Along with a sun hat.

I packed the Tylenol in my carry on just in case.

Diapers check, wipes check oh and hand and face wipes that I carried in my purse a must have all day everyday to keep the germs away.

I knew the travel time was going to be long so I had to make sure I packed his sippy cup and snacks, diaper and wipes in my carry on. (Like any regular day ha)

Snacks like gold fish, cereal bars and puffs and even the baby purée pkg, I was surprised that he had a few and liked them. Made me feel better that he wasn't going hungry while in the plane and bus. Especially when we were going, everything was delayed and the trip was longer than expected.

When it came to toys, I wasn't going to pack all his favorite toys.. We were over in our baggage weight to begin with ha!

Beach toys were a must... A few other toys that were light and easy to bring. On pthe plane, our phones and iPad was what really kept him entertained the whole trip, that and looking out the window he loved that.

Baby K was a great traveler, and even though the travel day was long, going and coming thankfully it all went smooth!

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