Tuesday, March 12, 2013

These cute performers and the weekend

How cute is my niece and baby K singing and dancing. Ha! I can't get enough of these two together!


My sister is due soon and she's having a girl. That gives me 3 nieces! Lots of pink and bows haha!

A little late but a weekend recap with pics below :)

Daylight saving time has our schedule out of whack. Everything is later. Sleeping in, later naps and later bedtime. I'm not sure how to move it all back up an hour. Hmm!

Over the weekend we did a lot of running around visiting family. My BIL got a little kitten which is soooooooo adorable!!! Baby K wanted to squeeze it ha!

I also spent a couple hours at the hospital with my aunt while DH babysat. she's doing better everyday and we are praying for her everyday! Hope she can get out and home soon!

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