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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring cleaning on a rainy day

Baby K and I are still sick with our colds. :( Hopefully they will be fully gone soon! 

 I've been tackling all our closets and doing some spring cleaning. We will be redoing our floors soon so I don't want to  deal with over filled closets when we do! 

I finally finished baby K's closet today. Soo much small clothing. Got me thinking that baby #2 has to be a boy ha! He will get a lot of hand me downs. It actually made me emotional seeing the tiny little newborn clothes! 

Trying to organize with a toddler is more work, baby k kept taking things out of the boxes instead of putting them in. So let's just say our closet clean up took longer than it should have haha. 

3 totes full of old clothes that can be used again. And 2 boxes of shoes. He has more shoes than I do in just 19 months ha! 

Monday, April 08, 2013

A little this and that Monday

This weekend we continued our spring cleaning and added a lot more things to the to do and to buy list. Whoa both lists are very long!

The weather is all over the place here. Where's the warmer weather!! Baby K loves being outside running around so we need those nice days ha!

This afternoon I went with my sister and my new little niece to her first doctors appt. ughhh I love her!! She is soo cute!

When I got home I did a short work out. Since I stopped breastfeeding the scale has been moving in the wrong direction. I need to pick up the pace and watch calories! and burn more too!

Working out and watching a toddler run around the basement and not in my sight is not fun so we put the playpen in the basement and that's when baby k can get his iPad playing fix as I work out. Perfect.

I'm going to try and get a workout in everyday!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A little Spring Cleaning

I've been a little MIA lately. Just a lot going on these days. I have a lot if things I wanted to blog about but just haven't had the motivation to do it!

Little K is teething and the past 2 days he has been irritable during the day. Today he seems a lot better, fingers crossed! I give Camilla teething drops when he is fussy. And Tylenol as well. Teething is no fun!

I've been starting to do a little spring cleaning too. My spring list of wants is pretty long! Eek! Sunglasses, shoes, spring clothes, purses, house items, backyard items and baby backyard toys too haha

I'm also starting a new workout schedule and hope to shed these unwanted pounds!

Cleaning out the house and cleaning out the body! My march spring cleaning.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?
What's on your list of wants for spring?