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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekend fun

This weekend my little niece had her birthday party! Little k loves being with his cousins! He had soo much fun at little E's party, playing, face painting and fun with the clown . Little E turned 1 she is just adorable! And adorably dressed too! 

Little k also started his first class in soccer this weekend! It was the cutest thing! He kicks that ball so well! And of course loves the fact that he can run and run and run! The coaches loved him. Especially when he took breaks to drink his water and eat goldfish, or ran around calling out all the colors he saw. Haha

Cutie pie! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer cousin fun

Kristian is so funny when it comes to his cousin baby E, he has toddler kinda love for her, he gives her kisses and not so soft pats haha. Yesterday we went to the mall and when we put baby E in the carseat next to him in the car he yelled, OHhhh Noooo. Haha! He always looks over at her expecting her to chat back or something. He'll babble and point saying baby. I'm thinking he's asking her what she thinks she's doing in his car haha. Baby E is soooo cute! See pic below. 

The kids were so good at the mall which was great for me and my sister ;) we shopped a little at H & M. My sister and I would have these kinda dates before we had kids and spend hours in the mall. Not anymore ha! We are on baby time. 

After an hour or so we went in the family bathroom so baby E can nurse and baby k can run and get his energy out. These bathrooms are awesome. Only for mommy and babies and security lets you in. So glad they have these in most malls now. 

I started going through all of baby k's toys and filtering out the baby ones, some to give away and some to save for baby #2 and bringing out more toys for his age. Little K loves mostly bouncy balls books and blocks and his Elmo.... But so far his favorite thing to do is run run run ha! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fast like cars or trikes

Ha! It really cracks me up how fast baby K makes a run for it every chance he gets. Yesterday he ran through toys r us, stoping only a second to touch a toy or two. Running is the name of the game. But... we bought him a Trike... I'm not sure if he is going to like it since we can't hold him down these days but it turns into a tricycle for next year so it's ok. I put it together tonight. So when he wakes up tomorrow morning it'll be ready to ride!

Baby K's new favorite toys are cars. He loves rolling them all through the house.

This morning we went to a Early years play group (a free service that is offered in our area) baby K had a great time. It's really close to my sisters house so we dropped by for lunch! Baby E is growing so fast too! She'll be 1 month next week! She's adorable!!!!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I'm an auntie to another niece!

Niece number 3 made her way this morning! Mama was in labour for 15 hours! Baby E was born at 5:12am weighing 8lbs 6oz. Pure cuteness!!!

Yesterday was April fools day and my sister pulled a prank! She got both me and my sil. Saying baby E was born in the morning and she didn't have time to call us. ha! We fell for it!!! Then at her OB appt yesterday afternoon, her doc sent her to the hospital to induce labor. Not a April fools joke haha. 15 hours later she came!

I went to the hospital first thing this morning to see her!

Ahhhh I love her!!!!!