Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin patch fun

Our weekend was non-stop! 
After we got back on Saturday afternoon after an amazing date night out the night before, we all got ready to meet my family at the pumpkin patch! 

Little k loves pumpkins! And scary Halloween decor ha! 

He had so much fun with his cousins and friends. 

He had so much fun riding a pony too! 

Running on hay stacks and throwing hay around! 

So much fun!!!

After all the fun at the pumpkin patch we then rushed home to wash up and get ready for my brother inlaws birthday dinner! 

This little guy ate so much of the chicken soup and rice then was knocked out in my arms ha! 

Mmm yum! 

We were all soooo tired and slept in Sunday morning. 

Sunday was a shopping day for little k's birthday! That's coming up! I can't believe it! 

This little boy will be 3 on Wednesday! 

Cake ordered, balloons ordered, gifts bought! I'm excited for his little dinosaur party. A small party this year since it's a busy year, but it will still be perfect for him. 

Happy Monday! 

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