Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend!

This Thanksgiving was a little different than last year. New additions to the family, lots of good news and a big move for us! (See next post coming soon) 

We spent Thanksgiving with our families. 

My side at my grandparents home. 

With a new little addition to our family. 
Little K loves his new baby cousin.

How sweet is this pic! 

These 2 are hilarious! They were playing all day Sunday. 

We had a birthday cake for grandma too! 

The cousins all together. This must have been the 10th pic, trying to get them all to look at the camera haha! Cuteness! 

Sunday night we had some family over at my moms for a walking dead party. Ha! We had the lights off and watched in the dark with pizza and beer. Everyone had a great time! Do you watch walking dead? 

Yesterday we had thanksgiving at our inlaws house. 
Turkey dinner!!!! 
DH trying to take the credit for cooking the bird. 

It was a delicious meal! 

One of my brother inlaws just got engaged! Yay!!! And another bil is getting married in a couple weeks! Lots of fun coming our way! 

To end the evening another bil entertained us with his electric guitar! (I have 3 BIL's on this side incase you are wondering)  :) 

Hope you all had a great Canadian Thanksgiving!!!! 

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