Thursday, August 06, 2015

38 weeks!

We are soo close to meeting baby M! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy went by! 

I'm 38 weeks! And feeling pretty good! Minus the normal aches and pains and swelling ha! I'm doing alright!

Today little k and I had a busy day! 

It began with a starbucks date! 

Latte for me and cake pop for the little! 

We had a nice coffee date before heading to the OB!

We heard the baby's heartbeat and doctor is happy with the growth, but still decided to do an ultrasound just to check up since I was a little concerned about movement. 

We then headed home for lunch.

We are practicing with the yumbox as much as we can! School begins in Sept! 

Little man has no problem getting to his lunch! He doesn't need any help at all. Now im just trying different foods and making a list of options! What to put in the yumbox is the fun part haha! 

After lunch we played a bit then headed to the ultrasound appointment! 

Little k fell asleep in the car. Good thing I had the stroller! I put him in the stroller and had the ultrasound done as he slept! Ha! 

The tech said littleM looks about 6lbs, fluid is good, movement good. All looks good! So we patiently wait until he is ready to meet us!!!! 

When little k woke he was asking to see baby m on the tv. Haha little did he know that he slept through the whole thing! 

We then waited for daddy to get home from work to have a family night out. Dinner and icecream!!! These days before baby M!!!

Feeling some Braxton hicks tonight!!! Any day now baby M!!!

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