Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fun celebrations!

Today we celebrated mine and my moms birthdays!

This morning I woke up to whispers between my husband and little k. Then a loud shout ok! And little feet running through the hallway. To then opening my eyes to little k standing in front of me with a tiffany bag! Yay! They bought me a little bean necklace, for the little bean that's on his way! 

The Mr then headed to work and little k and I enjoyed a big breakfast! 

We hit the grocery store for cake and flowers for grandma! Haha that's my birthday for life. 

Little k loves the tiffany bag as much as I do. Haha. But for his cars. 

We also had a starbucks stop. Cake pop for the little, and I had the mango lemonade ice tea... Omg it's soooo good I wish I had one now! I'll be getting one tomorrow that's forsure! 

Tonight we got together with family for a Mexican birthday dinner! 

We are sooo full!!!! I can barely move right now! Ha!

Mmm I had carne Asada with refried beans and rice! So sooooooo good!!!

We had a lovely dinner together. As always!!! 

And the kids had a blast being together. They have so much fun and love for eachother it's so sweet to watch them play together. They enjoy eachother so much!!!! 

Oh and of course we had churros for dessert!!!!! Sooooo Delish!!!

Tomorrow I have my 39 week appt! Let's see what the doc says! Hurry baby M!!! Everyone can't wait to meet u!!!! :) 

Soo thankful and blessed for all the birthday love today. I truly have amazing friends and family! 

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