Monday, August 17, 2015

My Second birth story!!! Part 1

Wow what a different experience this second time around! 

Many mothers told me my second baby would be faster, but whoa!  I didn't expect this!

Let's begin with Thursday! The membrane sweep! 

My Doctor said I was 4cm dilated on Thursday when she did the membrane sweep. 

Friday I started to feel some light contractions. We went to the hospital in the afternoon to get checked out. Nothing changed, I was still 4cm. They told me to go home at relax! But my doctor did a second membrane sweep.

Little k was with grandma, so we decided to stay over my moms for the night just incase we had to leave to the hospital again. 

We ordered from our favorite italian restsurant in the city and had a big dinner and relaxed! 

I was feeling some very light contractions. Not painful at all, just a little uncomfortable. They were not consistent and I went to bed fine and woke up feeling fine too! 

So we headed home! 

Then the real fun began ha! 


We had lunch at 12pm

I posted this picture to facebook, saying no baby yet! False alarm! 

Little did I know what was coming!!!! 

1pm..... I just painted my nails, sitting at the table and had 1 very strong contraction... My husband flew off his seat and we began rushing to gather our things to go to the hospital! 

Kristian was on it too! Grabbing his bag and his shoes and he knew it was GO time!! Let's go mommy!!!

Ha! But I even ran upstairs to try and straighten my hair.. But to my surprise another contraction, 5 mins later and stronger than the last!!!

We ran to the car and made our way to the hospital!! ....

To be continued.... 

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