Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby M's first doctor visit

After we were released from the hospital Sunday we had to bring baby back to the hospital monday and Tuesday for jaundice tests. 

On Tuesday he was admitted over night for phototherapy :(

I stayed over night with baby and daddy and littlek went home. Kris missed me so much, they called me FaceTime at midnight.

Wednesday we were released and his levels are normal! Yay!! 

Bye bye hospital! 

Today we went to see his doctor for his first check up! 

Big brother was on duty! 

The doctor was so happy to see that he is over his birth weight! Yay! He was surprised for a breastfed baby. Ha! Littlek was the opposite! I had more trouble with breastfeeding as a new mom. This time around has been so easy! Minus some little common issues with breastfeeding, still at a much quicker start than with littlek. 

Happy boys! 

Tomorrow baby M is 1 week old!! 

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