Sunday, November 15, 2015

3 months old!

Baby M is 3 months old today! 
Ahhh cuteness! 

You are 14lbs!! My big boy!
You are in size 2 diapers
And 6-9 month clothing!!! 

You do 6-7 hour stretches most nights! Which to me is sleeping through the night! Go baby M! 

You are a quiet baby! Crying only when you are hungry or overtired or when we pick up your brother from school ha! But mostly you sit quietly and smile, your ️adorable sweet smile! 

You put your fists in your mouth now and drool like crazy. 

Sadly you have a stiff neck, torticollis it's called. The doctor just diagnosed you a couple weeks ago. Its causing you to lean to the right. So you will begin physio therapy very soon to help strengthen those neck muscles! 

You are such a sweet baby! 

We love you soo much! 

Happy 3 months baby M! 

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