Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Halloween 2015

I know my post is late but my posts are my memory banks. Pictures and a glance  of our lives.  To share when my kids are older.

And halloween 2015 was a fun day! 

Well first of all, little k loved being a power ranger for Halloween. His costume fir perfectly and boy was it the cutest! Ha! 
He was wearing it in the house way before Halloween and uhh he wore it yesterday after school too. Haha 

On the Friday before Halloween he had a dance a thon at school, he went in costume and he was soooo excited! 

But he had a little cough, and he coughed so hard he threw up ;( so he left school early Friday but was fine! 

I had a very low budget costume ha! But the kids loved it haha.

We went to my brothers house to trick or treat in his neighborhood. 

My nieces were Sooo cute all dressd up. 

How cute are they! 

They were like little adults. Talking about their costumes and monsters and trick or treating. 

The funniest part of that day was my sister inlaw putting scary pictures in the bathroom... Well the kids were terrified. Little K was screaming and fighting me in the bathroom because he was scared. Oh boy thanks Tia! Haha

It was a rainy night. Like every year!!! 

The kids had so much fun even in the rain. 

Then we got cozy and watched Halloween movies.

It was a late night for these kids. 

Which ended perfectly with waffles! 

These kids had a great Halloween 2015!! 

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