Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

Finally! The tree is all decorated! Only took us 4 days haha

We usually get a real tree, but last year after Christmas there was a really good deal on this tree so we decided to buy it. I'm so happy we did! It's perfect! It has a lot of lighting and its huge! It didn't fit in the living room! But it's perfect in the hallway. 

Every year we buy a new ornament for little k... And now for baby m too. So this year they bought Star Wars ornaments haha 

Decorating was fun! Little k was really into it this year. 

Once the tree was fully decorated I decided to try and get a pic with the boys for our Christmas Greeting card! 

I put this collage on IG just capturing the fun that it was.

Firstly, zoe... She's all over the tree and has flattened out many parts of it and has stolen some ornaments too! 

Little k was being silly and making jokes as I tried to get the perfect pic. Ha! My silly boys I still got the perfect pics of them. 

The house is decorated and it feels so Christmassy! 

I'm even loving all the Hallmark Christmas movies. I'm hooked on this channel. 

Baby M has his personalized stocking on the way! 

Next weekend we will complete the outdoor decor. We have a big inflatable Santa to put up! As well as the Star Shower laser lighting! Our neighbors just got one too and it looks great! 

Have a happy Monday friends. With all the heartache around the world we must hold the ones we love and come together and Pray for our world. 

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