Sunday, November 29, 2015

Santa! And some weekend fun.

We usually like to get a real tree for Christmas, but last year we couldn't pass up the deal we got on a fully lit fake tree ha! Although Zoe stays out of a real tree and has been all over the fake one.

We still want to keep the tradition for our boys so we went to the same tree farm we've been going to for years. 

Little K was pretty shy with Santa, he whispered what he wanted for Christmas haha. 

Baby M got a pic alone too!
Although he was warm and cozy sleeping the whole time.

And a family pic with Santa

We had a fun Sunday afternoon and came home to have some warm chicken soup to end the day! 

We had a long weekend because little k was off school on Friday. 

Baby M is at a fun stage. Watching us more closely and starting to bring up toys to his mouth. 
He really has all signs of teething! 

So it's been a while since I followed a diet or had a workout so it's about time I drop this baby weight. 

I'm down 20lbs since giving birth and need 20 more to go for my first goal to hit. 

So today was my first workout. Just 30mins to start. 

I'm putting together a better eating plan too, a little hard when breastfeeding has you wanting to eat anything in sight haha

I'm starting with baby steps and adjust as I go along! 

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