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Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday fun

School is out for 2 weeks! So having 2 little ones at home is lots of fun and sometimes not so fun ha! Mr. K is full of energy so keeping him busy can sometimes be a challenge! 

I still need to finish up some christmas errands so the littles had to tag along. 

Yesterday we tried to make a gingerbread house haha

And played some games. 

We finished wrapping some gifts too 

Sunday we had a breakfast gift 
exchange. The kids had a blast. 

It's a starwars christmas here and this is just the beginning.

Baby M is teething pretty bad these past few days. So he's not in the greatest mood. Last night was pretty bad and today im exhausted! So I need to entertain little k while baby M needs tobe in  my arms all day! 

We went to a nearby playground.
It was the best thing! Little k loves to run around for hours so we did that and tired him out! 


Now both boys are napping and im relaxing!! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Birthday Fun!

Little K was asking if it was his birthday everyday since October 1st ha! 
Finally his birthday was here! And he had a blast!!!

On the day of his birthday I sent a puzzle game to school for the class to enjoy instead of individual loot bags. 

Which was a big hit with his classmates 

My mom came over to surprise Kris after school. It was so cute. He ran out of school so happy to see grandma.

 That evening we had a quiet evening in.
We ordered dinner from our favorite italian restuarant and had a small cake.

Because Friday night was his big birthday party! 

2 hours of fun! 

We had his party at a playground. And it was perfect for the kids! They all had a blast!! 

Transformer birthday party!! 

The kids had 2 hours of fun together. 

The funniest part of the party was when we sang happy birthday. Kris and his friends started licking all the icing haha! 

Kris was Soo happy and loved that his friends had a great time! 

Transformer birthday success! 

My nieces came over afterwards to help open gifts haha! Kristian loves all the transformers and has been playing with them none stop all weekend! 

This is definitely a birthday he will never forget! 

My big boy is 4!! 

Oh and here is his 4 year old interview.

Ha!! He is hilarious! 

Halloween post to come!