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Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday fun

School is out for 2 weeks! So having 2 little ones at home is lots of fun and sometimes not so fun ha! Mr. K is full of energy so keeping him busy can sometimes be a challenge! 

I still need to finish up some christmas errands so the littles had to tag along. 

Yesterday we tried to make a gingerbread house haha

And played some games. 

We finished wrapping some gifts too 

Sunday we had a breakfast gift 
exchange. The kids had a blast. 

It's a starwars christmas here and this is just the beginning.

Baby M is teething pretty bad these past few days. So he's not in the greatest mood. Last night was pretty bad and today im exhausted! So I need to entertain little k while baby M needs tobe in  my arms all day! 

We went to a nearby playground.
It was the best thing! Little k loves to run around for hours so we did that and tired him out! 


Now both boys are napping and im relaxing!! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Peg Perego Skate 2011 is on order!

My amazing Sister and Sister in law are getting me this stroller and car seat as a gift for the baby! How Amazing is that!

I'm soo excited! I went to see it again on Tuesday and really love it. It's easy to handle and love that it comes with extra accessories like the bassinet and shopping bag.

And I will get the stand separately to place the bassinet on. (I love multi purpose items :)

 Everything is coming together and even tho I was feeling a little overwhelmed this week about baby products, I resolved that and so far happy with everything..... Now just need to get to that nursery!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A blogger gift!

I received this gift today from a blogger friend! Jenn from had a giveaway last month. Look how pretty the bracelet is. Thanks!! :)
Today was a rough day at work, I ended up getting home at 7pm! GRRR I was not happy. I had plans to shop tonight but instead I'm snuggling on my couch with a tall cup of tea and the TV!

Here is a pic of the little book I've been reading every night to put me back on track. I read 2 pages every night. I love it and it makes me smile always! "Wink at your stress: we all know you aren't so important" :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

A gift for me ;)

I got a little netbook! Husband and I went to get me a little gift for starting my new job on Monday. :) We found a great sale at Futureshop and now I can pop my netbook in my purse if I need to ahah! Very excited!

Since I have been off work for a year, my closest shows that "work" attire is needed, I don't think my comfy sweaters and tights or worn out jeans will cut it ahha! So this weekend I will be on the look out for some new key pieces of clothing needed.

It's the Eve of Halloween whoooooo! And we just carved our pumpkins (I am not that skilled ha!)and we are all ready for Halloween tomorrow night! I also baked the pumpkin seeds with a little salt for seasoning.