Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My jeans fit!

That's right. My pre-preg jeans fit! A little snug but they zip and button with no problem! I still have a lot of weight to lose but this definitely made me more motivated! My body is different after baby 2, so that I accept. I am making lifestyle changes to reach my goal. 

I saw a picture of a woman on facebook the other day of her post partum belly after 1 month and she was saying that her belly was still big and upset about it. 

It's sad that we expect our bodies to bounce back so quickly after we have a baby. It happens for some women but for some of us it takes more work. My tummy was never the same after baby 1! 

I can say that 7 months post partum my body is finally feeling somewhat normal again. It takes time! We are all different too. I don't drop weight quickly, it takes work, and with 2 kids, I am still trying to find a balance that includes me time. 

We recently bought a playpen for the basement so baby M can play while I get some workouts in. 

With our family of 4 now we are pretty busy! So I'm always looking for fast and  easy meals that don't require too much work! 

I blogged about my pressure cooker before, because I absolutely love it. 

One pot meals in 10-30mins makes for fast meals and fast clean up!

Yesterday we made chili tacos. 

Little k loves chilli, he had 2 bowls full! 

The other night I made honduran meal called baleadas. Mmm! Soo good 
I'm making a easy recipe booklet for myself ha! 

So far it looks like baby m is a great eater
Feeding himself sweet potato! 

These kids are growing so fast! 
Baby M is lifting himself to stand! 

Ha ️adorable! 

Yesterday we got our new suv! Little k was so excited, he was waiting for daddy to get home. Once he arrived we went for a ride and both kids fell asleep ha! It was a peaceful ride. 

I can't wait for the weekend. We are finally getting some nicer weather! 

Have a great week friends! 

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