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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My jeans fit!

That's right. My pre-preg jeans fit! A little snug but they zip and button with no problem! I still have a lot of weight to lose but this definitely made me more motivated! My body is different after baby 2, so that I accept. I am making lifestyle changes to reach my goal. 

I saw a picture of a woman on facebook the other day of her post partum belly after 1 month and she was saying that her belly was still big and upset about it. 

It's sad that we expect our bodies to bounce back so quickly after we have a baby. It happens for some women but for some of us it takes more work. My tummy was never the same after baby 1! 

I can say that 7 months post partum my body is finally feeling somewhat normal again. It takes time! We are all different too. I don't drop weight quickly, it takes work, and with 2 kids, I am still trying to find a balance that includes me time. 

We recently bought a playpen for the basement so baby M can play while I get some workouts in. 

With our family of 4 now we are pretty busy! So I'm always looking for fast and  easy meals that don't require too much work! 

I blogged about my pressure cooker before, because I absolutely love it. 

One pot meals in 10-30mins makes for fast meals and fast clean up!

Yesterday we made chili tacos. 

Little k loves chilli, he had 2 bowls full! 

The other night I made honduran meal called baleadas. Mmm! Soo good 
I'm making a easy recipe booklet for myself ha! 

So far it looks like baby m is a great eater
Feeding himself sweet potato! 

These kids are growing so fast! 
Baby M is lifting himself to stand! 

Ha ️adorable! 

Yesterday we got our new suv! Little k was so excited, he was waiting for daddy to get home. Once he arrived we went for a ride and both kids fell asleep ha! It was a peaceful ride. 

I can't wait for the weekend. We are finally getting some nicer weather! 

Have a great week friends! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Where have I been...

It's been hard finding time to blog. Our new routine is now just our routine, but some things like watching TV and blogging have been put on the back burner. In the end, these things take time. Time I don't have much of.  When I'm trying to fit in so much in my day after 5pm, not having these 2 things part of it actually has me with that little bit of quiet time at the end of the day. But I love my blog and love blogging our life. So I will try and make more time for it! ;) there are many milestones I don't want to miss! 

There are some new things in our lives that are taking up our time. Things like potty training! 
Little k understands what his potty is for. We sit him on it every night before bath time. We still have a long way to go :) but in baby steps we are doing well! 

...Things like family time and date nights! Take up our time :) 

And the biggest thing taking up our time right now is a new home! We decided to buy a new home to be built in November! So we have been doing a lot of running around choosing all the things that we want in this new home. 

With this also comes decluttering and staging of our current home to sell. I'll blog about that one day too! Ha! 

My goal is to blog at least once a week! Starting now! 

Happy Monday! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Busy days!

I have less time to blog these days. Back to work has us soo busy! 

It's 930pm and I made myself give some of my time to my blog! 

Our routine is pretty smooth, mornings and evenings. Just that evenings are jammed packed doing one thing after another without a break all the way till bedtime. I'm starting to do my groceries online and getting them delivered so that will take out one thing from our schedule. So far that's working out great! 

Oh and slowcooker meals! That wil be another post. I love love my slowcooker. Today, ham and pineapple. Tomorrow beef stew! 

We are also fitting in 2 nights a week of working out in the basement once the little one is sleeping. Usually a half hour or so while I watch one of the shows I like, like modern family or revenge! Other than that there's not much time left to sit and watch TV! 

What is my little man up to these days? 
He loves daycare and is so happy to go every morning which makes all 3 of us super happy! 

He is learning and growing so fast! His vocabulary is getting better and better. He surprises me everyday! He knows a lot of shapes, colors, numbers and letters. He sings songs to us, he is always busy playing and learning. I love how he always practices until he gets it. He doesn't give up! And in no way could we offer our help either! He's mr independent. 

I love how we have conversations together. I love the conversations that have words, actions and sounds. Like the other morning we came down for breakfast and he was telling me the story of how he and baby Ella had cereal together the night before. The story went something like this. "Mama! Ella, krishan eat cereal here (pointing to the cereal bowl on the table where they sat the night before sharing cereal) Ella um um" (making a chewing gesture with his mouth, saying Ella ate the cereal like that haha) 

Ha! It was adorable. 

This weekend we went to visit my grandparents. Little k was showing my grandmother how to use his toy helicopter. Ha! They both had a blast playing together. 

Hope you all had a great Monday!