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Friday, January 06, 2012

Fitness Friday!

A fellow new mom Cait over at The Blessed life is doing a Fitness Friday Link up! So I decided to join in!

I have 12lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but 23lbs in total to get to my first goal that I want to hit.

I also want to get strong again, my back has been very weak these days.

I lost a total of 27lbs in 10 weeks which is awesome. I'm EBF so I read that it can burn up to 500 calories a day. However I am ALWAYS hungry and over eating because of it :(

So it's the new year and I have LOTS of occasions coming up so getting strong, healthy and weight-loss is what I am focused on.

I will be following the weekly goals that the blessed life has made along with my own.

Working out 3x a week. This will include
1. Baby and Mom exercise while baby is in the baby bjorn carrier. Squats, Lunges, Walking.
2. work out DVD while baby naps
3. Walking with baby in the stroller.
4. counting calories on MyFitnessPal
5. I am also going to join Mom and Baby Salsa in February!

Week 1: Track Calories... I'm on it!

I'm excited! Lets Shed these pounds! Are you?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

My 2012 goals!

2011 wow, it went by soo quick it seems. January 2011 we took an amazing mini trip to San Francisco then got pregnant in February! I was pregnant most the year! This year has had so many firsts for me. heck, I had a baby!!

I learned so much and grew so much this year. I found strengths in me and an inner patience and even weaknesses I never knew I had. I also saw the truths of people all around me, who really care and who don't. Some more shocking than others. The year really opened my eyes to so many realities, the good and the bad.

2012 will be another one of these years that will have soo many more firsts. My emotions run from happy and excited to scared and anxious. Overall I'm looking forward to this new year and all the change it will bring.
Life is a little different now that i have the most amazing little boy in my life.
It's incredible how much I love him more and more as each day goes by. So I need to think realistic goals because I'm a mama now and 2012 marks his first year of life so all my attention is on him! 
I love my little boy.
Here are some goals I'd like to reach for me and baby this year.
* Lose weight - 25lbs
* Exercise 3x a week
* Reach 1000+ followers on my blog. I love meeting new bloggers!
* Focus more on my recipe blog (quick and easy recipes for a busy mom)
* Start a new collection of shoes (haha my pregnancy made my foot grow a size!)
I'm increasing my shoes by shopping on Shoedazzle everything is 39.95!
I've bought 3 pairs already! And 2 of the pairs were half price! If you want to join check out the site with my referral ;)
* Visit New York (Go to Eatly , I watch too much of The Chew ha! ;)
* Plan a resort trip with baby
* Join baby and me classes ( gym baby and me starting at 4months and stroller
fitness in the spring!)
* Take a CPR class this year
* Open a education savings for baby K
* Find a mom and me balance and be the best new mom I can be in my own unique
way and be confident with who I am now ;)

I'll add more as the year goes by. For now these are my 2012 goals. 
Happy New Year!!!