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Sunday, March 05, 2017

The kids grow up fast don't they!

Baby M turned 18 months old in Feb. Which was the accepting age to the daycare in Little K's school. So last Monday was his first day! 

This makes it easier for us too. Both cuties in one place. Easy drop/pickup.

And it's also so much fun for them walking in to class together in the mornings. 

I was a little worried for him, being the youngest in the class... but I had nothing to worry about at all. Not one tear from this big boy, all week! He was so comfortable being there. He loves all the teachers, and they love him. He is doing soo well and I already see his little mind expanding and learning soo much all in one week!

So proud of this independent little boy! 

Yesterday Mr K passed the winter swimming lessons. I'm so impressed at how far he has come after 2 swim seasons. He loves the water. It's an amazing feeling watching these little ones really enjoy activities.

 This big boy is also doing great with his piano lessons. He's memorized 2 songs, yay!! 

 These kiddos melt my heart daily! And they are growing up so fast. Baby M is learning new words and Mr K is asking allll the questions. 

Next week is March Break! We are excited to have some water fun! 



Thursday, October 01, 2015

Some new things.

Little K got an early birthday gift! A piano! 

Every night before bed he plays with daddy. 

This week has been a little hectic here. 
Baby M has had some fussy nights. Very Colic :( let's hope this passes soon!

He's 7 weeks this weekend! 

Our days are pretty busy with 2 little ones. Little K loves school and makes lunch requests ha! I love hearing all about his day. Next week his daily food at school gets more interesting. With 2 hot lunches a week (pasta and pizza) chocolate milk given to him daily. And every Friday a frozen yogurt treat given at lunch. How cute! 

Speaking of treats, I made a new recipe I saw on The Chew. So easy and fast! 

Cut pie crust into squares. 
Brush with butter
Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon
Cut up apples to fill them
Sprinkle a little more sugar and cinnamon on top and fold over. Bake 10min at 400.


Fall is here and I love fall! Getting back into sweater dresses, scarves and boots! 

I'm hoping to do a little fall decor for my porch this weekend! 

So happy the weekend is here! TGIF!!