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Sunday, March 05, 2017

The kids grow up fast don't they!

Baby M turned 18 months old in Feb. Which was the accepting age to the daycare in Little K's school. So last Monday was his first day! 

This makes it easier for us too. Both cuties in one place. Easy drop/pickup.

And it's also so much fun for them walking in to class together in the mornings. 

I was a little worried for him, being the youngest in the class... but I had nothing to worry about at all. Not one tear from this big boy, all week! He was so comfortable being there. He loves all the teachers, and they love him. He is doing soo well and I already see his little mind expanding and learning soo much all in one week!

So proud of this independent little boy! 

Yesterday Mr K passed the winter swimming lessons. I'm so impressed at how far he has come after 2 swim seasons. He loves the water. It's an amazing feeling watching these little ones really enjoy activities.

 This big boy is also doing great with his piano lessons. He's memorized 2 songs, yay!! 

 These kiddos melt my heart daily! And they are growing up so fast. Baby M is learning new words and Mr K is asking allll the questions. 

Next week is March Break! We are excited to have some water fun! 



Wednesday, October 05, 2016

a little this and that

Going back to work was a big thing last week, but we still had a lot of fun in between ha! 

Friday night I went out with my sister and cousins for a little girls dinner to catch up. 

Saturday little K had his first swim lesson.  He is so eager to learn. He loves the pool and beach. 

We finally got around to painting! Yay! 
My husband is awesome and he completed the first floor in 2 days. 

The house feels so warm and cozy and has much more of a homey feel. We love it! 

We love moving our art around. This piece was in the office, but now looks amazing in the diningroom. We looked up the meaning of this art and to my surprise it's a painting by Marc Lawrence 

I now love this piece even more. 


 This weekend I'll be on the hunt for new pillows to match it! 

We are also looking for more art, or maybe a clock to go above the piano.
We are also taking professional family photos soon, so a large picture will be put up in this area too! 

 Fall is the best season. 

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have sooo much to be thankful for. 

Happy FALL!! 



Sunday, July 05, 2015

2 days of poolside bbq's!

Fun weekend! So much love with family and friends. 

Little k couldn't stop talking about all the fun this weekend. Late nights, late mornings, just fun filled weekend! Summertime! 

First was our family bbq. It's always so nice to catch up with family that we don't get to see often. 

The kiddies had an awesome time playing and swimming. 

Little k loves the water! He wants to learn how to swim Soo bad! 

As we left my godfathers home little k ran up to his car saying "I want this car ok mama" haha so do I!!! 

We slept in tonight after a late night out and on to our next bbq party! 

Ohhh and soo many delicious pizzas in a friends pizza oven!!! 

We we're soo stuffed! 

Great food! Great company! A perfect weekend! 

We had some family time this weekend too, fun at the park. 

And taking some fun belly pics! 

Little k is patiently waiting for his baby brother M! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Number one rule in pool safety with kids...

Stay within an arms reach! That's the number one rule in pool safety that was taught to us in last years CPR course.

This weekend we went over to my aunts house for a swim. The whole way driving there I was a little nervous. Last summer baby K didn't walk yet so he was in my arms at all times. This year he is walking and running all over it's hard to keep him close! The whole drive there I repeated in my head... Don't let your eyes off him! Not even for a second! I remembered the number one rule in water safety to keep kids in an arms reach of you.  While there I didn't even need to mention my fears out loud, my family is amazing and every single one of them had their eyes on Kris.. not only because he's a cutie ha! But for his safety. I never let my eyes off him and stayed close!

This summer will be full of water fun I'm sure and baby K loves the water so the second rule I want to add is a life jacket for baby K when walking around a pool/beach area. I bought a swimsuit with an attached floaty in it, that will definitely be this summers bathing suit.

Praying for everyone to have a safe and fun summer!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pool time!

The weather here is great! Hot hot hot!

Today we went to my Aunts house to cool down and go for a swim!!

The kids had a great time!

During this nice weather I'm sure many parents are taking their kids for a swims... Water safety is soooo important!!! As adults and with kids in the water we always need to be in the water with them! It only takes a second for something to happen.

When I was about 4 I was in my uncle's pool when I slipped into the deep end. I couldn't swim. My dad was on the deck above and saw that I went under and jumped right in to get me... I was fine, if he wasn't close by and watching it could have ended much differently. I know first hand how all it takes is a second to go under.

So stay safe!!!!!! Floaties for all kids and adults in the water too!

Wednesday a couple friends and I are taking a CPR course. Never do I want to be in a situation to use it, but I will feel much better to know what to do in any situation that I would need to use it!