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Sunday, August 09, 2015

A little Home decor

We have a long list of to do's for our new home. Some things we can get to right away, and some things need a little more time. 

A couple weeks ago I bought a hutch for the kitchen. 

It filled the space perfectly! But it needed an art piece to go above it. I saw one piece I loved 2 weeks ago but when I sent the Mr to get it, it was gone :(

So Saturday morning I went into the basement and brought up some art that we had in the old home. And doing some switcharoos we decided to put the office art piece in the kitchen!

I also bought some new pieces for the counter... 

And we put up some art we had in the basement, that fit perfect with our theme. 

I also bought a jar and filled it with coffee beans to add beside our coffee maker! 

The kitchen is almost complete! I just need my backsplash! And a vase or 2 for some empty corners. 

On Saturday we went into Homesense for that jar for the beans above. And walked out with much more.

Including an art piece for the living room! 

The living room needs a more art on the other wall but I haven't seen a piece I liked yet! Oh and wall paint colors. That will be next years projects! 

Baby Michael is due any day now, so our home decor will turn into baby items all over ha! 

Have a great week friends! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall weekend and pumpkin painting.

My husband had some work to do on our house this weekend before the real cold weather comes. We still had a fun fall weekend.

Breakfast at our new favorite place around the corner. They make the best pancakes! Which of course little K didn't care for but he loved the eggs and bacon. 

Saturday night my husband brought us to a Chinese restaurant downtown that he loves. 
Yummy! And we had fun walking through the rain that evening too! 

My aunt gave us a little pumpkin that needed to be painted. So yesterday we headed to Michaels to buy some paint and brushes and we had so much fun painting it! 

PuKins!! As little k says it haha. Wish we had more to paint. It was really fun painting this little pumpkin. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Adorable Baby Art

Wednesday was baby K's last week at daycare (more on this another day) they gave me all the art he has been doing since he started there. Can you say ADORABLE!!

I can't wait to try out his art skills here at home haha. I bought some crayons and paint to try out. Little man will most likely want to eat the paint so I'm thinking of using ketchup and mustard to finger paint with first! Saw this on the baby first channel.

If you have any baby art ideas please send them over my way!