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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall weekend and pumpkin painting.

My husband had some work to do on our house this weekend before the real cold weather comes. We still had a fun fall weekend.

Breakfast at our new favorite place around the corner. They make the best pancakes! Which of course little K didn't care for but he loved the eggs and bacon. 

Saturday night my husband brought us to a Chinese restaurant downtown that he loves. 
Yummy! And we had fun walking through the rain that evening too! 

My aunt gave us a little pumpkin that needed to be painted. So yesterday we headed to Michaels to buy some paint and brushes and we had so much fun painting it! 

PuKins!! As little k says it haha. Wish we had more to paint. It was really fun painting this little pumpkin. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Avocado Saver!?

Have you seen this? An Avocado saver? While out shopping this week I saw this avocado saver for 4.00. I never seen it before so wanted to try it out.

At lunch yesterday I only had half a avocado and saved the other half with the pit.  It fits perfectly in the avocado saver.

It actually works! So glad I have that now.

I also got 2 small pumpkins! Next week I will buy big ones! Tomorrow is the first day of fall!