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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

a little this and that

Going back to work was a big thing last week, but we still had a lot of fun in between ha! 

Friday night I went out with my sister and cousins for a little girls dinner to catch up. 

Saturday little K had his first swim lesson.  He is so eager to learn. He loves the pool and beach. 

We finally got around to painting! Yay! 
My husband is awesome and he completed the first floor in 2 days. 

The house feels so warm and cozy and has much more of a homey feel. We love it! 

We love moving our art around. This piece was in the office, but now looks amazing in the diningroom. We looked up the meaning of this art and to my surprise it's a painting by Marc Lawrence 

I now love this piece even more. 


 This weekend I'll be on the hunt for new pillows to match it! 

We are also looking for more art, or maybe a clock to go above the piano.
We are also taking professional family photos soon, so a large picture will be put up in this area too! 

 Fall is the best season. 

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have sooo much to be thankful for. 

Happy FALL!! 



Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall weekend and pumpkin painting.

My husband had some work to do on our house this weekend before the real cold weather comes. We still had a fun fall weekend.

Breakfast at our new favorite place around the corner. They make the best pancakes! Which of course little K didn't care for but he loved the eggs and bacon. 

Saturday night my husband brought us to a Chinese restaurant downtown that he loves. 
Yummy! And we had fun walking through the rain that evening too! 

My aunt gave us a little pumpkin that needed to be painted. So yesterday we headed to Michaels to buy some paint and brushes and we had so much fun painting it! 

PuKins!! As little k says it haha. Wish we had more to paint. It was really fun painting this little pumpkin. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Project Paint RED

I've been getting inspired these days to do a little painting. I love DIY projects but I really haven't done much in years! When I lived at home oh soo many years ago haha I painted my own room a couple of times and even made myself a desk ha! 

When we bought our first home 8 years ago it was a fixer upper and I was right in the middle of all the work! Sanding, taking down walls, painting. And helped paint our current home too! Ok the husband did most of it but I helped! 

So painting some furniture... I can do! Well let's see. I picked out some pieces I have around to get started. I have soo many ideas! 

Picking a color was tough. At first I was going to go with grey, it's safe. But then I thought, I need a little RED in my life ha! 

So my ideas are: 

Getting some RED going on in our home by painting a black vase red! 

Painting a black chair red to use as a flower pot in the front yard. Pinterest inspired. 

Painting a wood stand red and adding chalk board paint to the top. Fun! 

And I want to paint half of baby k's little table with chalkboard paint too! 

Eee! First step I'll need to buy the tools and prep! 

If this all goes well.... Well, I have soo many more things in the house I want to paint and change up haha!