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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fun Thursday!

Today was a busy fun filled day! 

It began with baby M's physio therapy 

His torticollis is much better. He can fully move his head around, he's much stronger now too! He's a big boy!

And such a happy boy. 

Then the rest of the day was all about big bro!

He had 2 concerts! 

Baby M and I went to the afternoon show. The school parking lot was closed so I met a friend up the street and parked. We walked together down to the school. It's a little strip of shops and restaurants on the way to the school We saw many of the other moms as we walked, it was like being in a small town ha! 
I carried baby M in the baby bjorn and he was loving it. The weather here is awesome for December so the walk was so nice.,

We were seated in the middle and Little k couldn't see me in the audience, he kept looking around. He was Soo cute! 
Singing in his first concert! Well he had one concert when he was 3 but that one he left the stage before it even began! 

Then we went home to wash up and get ready for the evening concert! 

He met up with his friends and they were all so cute jumping around with excitement. 

Little k performed even better this evening knowing we were there watching him. At the end of the first song he saw daddy and yelled out DADA and waved. Ha! It was the cutest and everyone laughed. 

Little k was pooped and fell asleep as soon as we got home. My back is in pain now  carrying my chubby monkey all day! Haha. We all had so much fun. 

Psst. New blog image is coming soon! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Last day of school!

Back in February little K moved from a home daycare with a loving caregiver and amazing friends, to a Montessori school. New teachers, new friends and new rules! Teaching more independence and a school setting routine.

First day of school... 

It took time getting use to. He settled in really well and he was always a happy boy when I picked him up so I knew he was having a great day! 

Everyday he comes home sharing stories about his day. Stories about his friends and things he's learned.

Always super cute and just melts my mommy heart!!! 

Watching him grow and learn makes me so happy. I'm so excited for him and all the experiences he has. 

Today was the last day of school!! 

Kris will spend some time with his old daycare friends before beginning summer camp! 

Today was also the end of school concert!!

For weeks he's been singing all the new songs at home. However he did mentions couple times that he didn't like singing with the other kids! Ha! That was a sign! 

The moment he saw us in the audience, he was out! Jumped off stage and watched the concert with us. He looked adorable!!! But tonight wasn't his night for singing. We gently talked about it on the way home. He was a little down about it. 

Our little guy is very strong willed, there is no forcing him to do what he doesn't want to do and also has a very good memory. He will remember this forever im sure! Ha! 

We love him Sooo much!!! And we are so proud of him! He has learned so much in the past 5 months. 

He also received a report card! Which he did very well in!! I framed his first report card of course! Proud mama :) 

I can't wait for him to begin summer camp! A month full of sports, dinosaurs and water fun! 

Father's Day this weekend!!! We have a lot planned! Have a great weekend friends!! 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chris Botti in Toronto!

Last night I went to a Jazz concert, Chris Botti here in Toronto. It was amazing! Chris Botti is a trumpeter and composer. The concert was just indescribable. The instruments and the signing just pull you in. Drums, Piano, Trumpet, Violin, Guitars, I mean Wow! Chris Botti's performance and the way he speaks to the crowd is so welcoming and warm. He is so down to earth and absolutely loves what he does! I wished it was longer than it was and hope to go see Chris Botti again soon!

**Friday Weigh in: Today I did a weigh in and I lost 1 pound whoohooo! I know it's not that exciting, but for me, my weight has been steady for so long seeing any change (less of course) is exciting!

It's Friday TGIF! and I'm doing really well with my goals! Cooked at home everyday thing week so far!!! Weekends are tougher but I will be sure to choose healthier choices if I eat out. :)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!