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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The first day of junior kindergarden

Here we are, beginning JK! 4 years ago still more than a month away from your birthday! 

My little boy. You were a baby in my arms just 4 years ago! 

At almost 4 years old you have been to 2 different daycares, a montessori school and now public school. I felt confident about today and your independent little self beginning your first day! You are good with change and adapt pretty fast. You are very vocal about what you like and don't like! So we will hear about it forsure! 

This morning as we had breakfast you expressed that you rather be home! Ha! I took a video of our conversation it was pretty cute! 

We styled your hair, like you asked. 

We packed up your little brother and drove to the school. 

You were ready! Head held high and walked in the school like you knew all about it! 

Not one tear from any of us haha.

You went in with a teacher,
She walked you to your class. 

You didn't even look back! Thx for that! Ha!

When I picked you up you said you had fun! You loved your new class! 

I had a cake pop waiting for you! You loved that!! I'll have Cake pops for you all week! Yay! This is a big deal this JK! 

I am so happy! Hoping day 2 is just as smooth!!

I have your lunch packed and ready. 

In your backpack was a package of forms. I spent the evening signing these forms. Lunch and milk programs too. I even filled out your agenda with the upcoming days off and teacher meetings. 

Mommy is just as excited as you are!!

My first baby off to school! We love you so much! 

Monday, September 07, 2015

Weekend fun before school!

Oh boy tomorrow is the first day of school! And like many parents we are nervous for our little ones! 

Little k is going to JK! Where did these 4 years go! 

I just prepared his clothes for tomorrow morning and his school bag.

Tomorrow he is going in for just 2 hours and Wednesday he begins full day! 

This weekend we had Soo much fun with family and friends! 

My sister had a 30th birthday party at her place. 

While the adults had fun my older niece helped put the littles to sleep haha. 

Yesterday we had a bbq party at our place. And little k met a new friend 

It's been sooooo hot here which is great! 
But better if we were having pool parties this weekend haha.

Baby M is 3 weeks old already! 

My cutie!!